What our clients say about us...

Our clients are our business. Without high client satisfaction, our business would not continue to thrive. We're happy to share with you what our clients say about us - so you can hear it directly from them !

I've had trainers that didn't know how to work with me, or had a "cookie cutter" approach to training.  At the Warriors Heart, I get a personalized training program that suites my needs and health goals - and the results speak for themself.  Tina.

I've never worked out before, so was afraid to go to the gym.  At Warriors Heart I am totally comfortable, working on a program that was especially developed for my fitness and strength level. Frances.

Working with Paul  I lost 40 pounds, and have gained considerable strength. He saved my health and my body has totally changed for the better.  John.

Training with her has far exceeded my expectations. She is very personable, motivating, inspiring, caring, fun, energetic and funny. She has such a wonderful combination of attributes that makes coming to work-out exciting.  Carla.

My body weight has dropped over 64 pounds, I've lost 15% body fat and I've actually been called an 'athlete' by several medical professionals! My focus has been simple, the workouts have been tailored to my strengths and I've watched myself do things I never thought were possible. Steve.

We get results