Our Trainers

We have assembled some of the most experienced personal trainers in Orange County. Because of our experience, we tailor our training to your fitness levels, and help you achieve your personal goals. 


We put the "personal" back in "Personal Training"

Paul Brudner - Paul is the owner of the Warriors Heart. He specializes in strength training, conditioning, weight loss, boxing and kick boxing. Pauls extensive experience allows him to apply many different techniques that get you to your personal goals as quickly as possible.


Certified Personal Trainer  (NASM)

Certified Surgical Technologist  (CNI)

Master Training Experience over  5,OOO hours

Greg Chappel - Greg specializes in strength training, performance enhancement as well as corrective exercises.


Certified Personal Trainer  (NASM)

Master Trainer Experience over 4,OOO hours

Ilene Levison -  Ilene provides high quality, safe strength and cardio training using a wide variety of equipment and techniques.  She has specialist certifications in weight loss and sports performance enhancement.  


Certified Personal Trainer  (NASM)

Master Trainer Experience over 4,OOO hours

Rudy Soto- Rudy has been a trainer for over 20 years.  He is certified in strength training, as a fitness coach, and in long distance running. 


(IFPA) Internation Fitness Professional, University of Irvine

Joey Cambaliza - (New Level Fitness) Joey specializes in weight loss, nutrition, fundamental exercises, as well as strength and conditioning training. He is a firm believer in trusting the process and the results will follow. 

NESTA Certified

ISSA Certified

Master Trainer over 4,000 sessions

My name is Jon Clark and I've been working as a strength and conditioning coach/ fitness trainer for the last 20 years. Originally from the beautiful state of Michigan and CMU, I'm currently certified with ACSM and NSCA. Having competed on an elite level in triathlon, mountain biking, trail running and obstacle course racing, I'd love to share my knowledge, experience and passion to help inspire your own pursuits.

Take your fitness to the next level lead by professional bodybuilder IPE Pro Elite Giulia Nuccitelli, she aims to build your physical strength through better lifting, better nutrition, and maximizing your time. Giulia has a proven track record of success in bodybuilding and strength training and she’s ready to share her knowledge with you. Train here in a safe, sustainable program under Giulia’s professional instruction.

AAAI/ISMA Phase II Master Trainer Certification
ACTION Personal Trainer Certification
ACTION Advanced Nutrition Certification

Jazmin Petruchik has been a certified personal trainer as well as a certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist for over 10 years (IACT, INFC, NCCPT), Pure Anatomy Bioskills Lab and Kettleball AMPD certification. I specialize in body transformation, body sculpting, weight loss, contest prep, fundamental exercises, corrective exercises, personalized training programs, meal plans, strength training to build physical strength and better nutrition for optimum results and life style.